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Special thanks to Wool for making the banner for the Sekibanki article.

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-She’s like a completely different person at feeding time.

-Wonder what’s going on in her head.

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Introduction to Touhou 53: Sekibanki →

Sekibanki is referred to as a rokurokubi, a youkai defined by the ability to stretch its neck to absurd lengths. Typically, this stretching occurs in the sleep of an otherwise normal human who is generally unaware of their elasticity. The upper end of this extension is unknown, but Sekibanki specifically has enough length to snake around substantial portions of the game screen.

She also has aspects of a similar youkai called the nukekubi, which can separate their heads completely. In Japanese folklore, nukekubi act somewhat like vampires in that they fly around at night to accost humans and drink their blood. Their bodies remain in their beds though and are their weakness because damage to these stationary bodies can prevent the head from properly rejoining and effectively cripple the youkai. Certain stories about nukekubi have a common theme of them being manifestations of the souls of women that separate from their bodies as they sleep and commit crimes that the person in question is completely unaware of. Attacking the nukekubi in these stories causes it to retreat to its human form, which then awakens as if from a nightmare with memories of the attack.

Sekibanki doesn’t fit precisely into either of these molds and instead combines aspects of both with a combination of neck stretching and head separation. Much like the rokurokubi and the nukekubi, she lives amongst humans unnoticed, but she’s cognizant of her youkai nature and her body can move even when it’s separated from her head. Both types of youkai are sometimes shown to have lines where their heads stretch or detach, with this mark being critical evidence in identifying such a youkai. Perhaps this is why Sekibanki obstructs her neckline with her mini-cape.

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「お姉ちゃん!外の世界ってこーーんなに…」 // スコッティ
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload this work.
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Anonymous whispered: Would you ever tap dat boy-pussy?

Can’t say I’m terribly fond of buttholes.

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That’s enough klk for now.

Back to your regularly scheduled 2hu.

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