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Gensokyo Outsider
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Anonymous whispered: Have you already fallen to the endless circle of despair known as LSC?

I would, but I don’t even have enough fuel or steel to gamble away.

These battleships are sucking me dry.

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As it turns out, the two main weapon setup has a higher DPS than the three main setup.  Go figure.

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Hey you! Yeah you! This blog has more than 800 followers now! So thank you! Okay!!

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Anonymous whispered: maybe you should fix that and get best girl in your life

Gotcha. Gonna find Shimakaze.

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Anonymous whispered: but where is the kongou

All I’ve got is Kirishima.

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Tried large ship construction.

Is getting Fusou with the minimum resources good?

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You’ve failed me for the last time, Kisaragi.

Tatsuta will dine well tonight.

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I keep modernizing Tatsuta with all my spare destroyers.

Now I picture her as a ship-eating cannibal.

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